Classism – 006

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27 April 2015 (original post date)

You didn’t think I’d keep throwing names of places at you without context, did’ya? … You did? … >->

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
Elves being immune to sleep spells has always been a mild annoyance of mine. My personal belief for this mysterious racial trait is that Legolas had insomnia while tracking the orcs across Rohan, which led to the mistaken belief that elves don’t need sleep. (j/k, totally)

Classism – 004

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17 April 2015 (Original Post Date)

Didn’t quite manage an update last week for… reasons. I’m almost back on track now; it just means I have to put off the next Gijinka another week.

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
You can barely tell that the mysterious person is holding a gun, I’m pretty sure the elf shouldn’t have seen a gun before, and guns aren’t really everywhere yet, but I still wanted to make a stupid “don’t shoot” joke. XD

Classism – 002

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27 March 2015 (original post date)

Another reason I made the switch from a gag comic to a more story/character driven comic was because I wanted the underlying theme of seeing new places and new things that you’ve only just read about before. In this current era, due to the internet, I think that the thirst for discovery and adventure has been overridden by Google Search. Not that I’m knocking the usefulness of Google, it helps me quite a lot, but it shouldn’t replace the desire to see and do things first hand.

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story flow:
The Elvish (Sindarin) is transliterated as:

Lim sui rych brand, i duin daer rimma
I arya beleg o nin pain, i cuil-rant o firen erdh
A! i gened o Belegsir celefn,
I arya mirwa o men pain
tyr naeth pain gwanno

… though the grammar is probably atrocious haha.

Classism – 001

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23 March 2015 (Original Post)

A large amount of story rehashing took place in the past few months. Initially I had wanted to do Classism as a kind of tabletop rpg gag comic, and there will still be some traces of that (cause imma nerd), but now I’m approaching it more as a world that just has game mechanics built into it. (ie a campaign where players actually have some semblance of life-preservation skills and less metagaming lol)
I dunno if I’ve said it before, but even before I started iofm, I’ve always wanted to do a fantasy rpg style comic, so here goes, from the beginning.