The IofM Anthology

Once upon a time, there was a webcomic called IofM (or “The Institute of Metaphysics”). It was intended to be a story dump loosely tied into a college humor comic, but as time went on the stories that were saved up got bigger and bigger and threatened to break out of the loosely-created world they existed in.
Instead of breaking out, however, the world collapsed on itself. Managing timelines became impossible, and IofM broke its own time and space … and gave the author a raging headache by collapsing its stories into a blackhole of nothingness.

And so, for a time, the book was closed on the Institute.
BUT NOW… welcome, to the untold stories that belong to the characters that inhabited the IofM.

The Stories

Character List: [Seth Readman] [Rahureul Firwyn]

Disclaimer: There may be things that contradict previous assertions. The author apologizes for her poor foresight however many years ago it was.

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Character List: [Seth Readman] [Rahureul Firwyn]

sethSeth has always been able to interact with the things called “spirits” in eerily familiar ways. Together with a shapeshifting spirit, he seeks to promote ways of peaceful cohabitation with the spirit world… despite the demons that come his way.
Retcons: His major is undecided, though he takes mostly religio-magical and chemistry classes.

  1. The Weeping Doll
    As Seth and his new co-workers prepare to exorcise a demon-possessed girl, they catch a glimpse of his time as an exorcist.
    [01]: People worry
    [02]: No animals allowed
    [03]: For … physical persuasion
  2. When Spirits Die
  3. King of the Mountain
  4. The Devouring Demon
  5. “Professor”
  6. The Changeling

More Characters to Come …