Classism: world

Classism is a fantasy adventure story inspired by tabletop rpgs with a focus on ADVENTURE in a world called Eudora.

The Universe

The reality of Eudora is composed of 7 known dimensions and 1 unknown.

Celestial Plane Also called “Caelum”, this is the realm where the gods exist. The founts of negative and positive energy also originate here.
Void Plane Also called “Cassus”, a ruined shamble of a plane of nothingness and corruption.
Infernal Plane Also called “Paynim”, this plane is host to demonic creatures and seeks to defy the influence of the gods.
Plane of Growth Also called “Naein”, this is the plane of the fae, where nature’s magic springs from.
Elemental Plane Also called “Vloyen”, nothing but pure arcanic, elemental magic swirls in this plane. Anything that is not magic will be broken down into magic.
Astral Plane Also called “Pnoia”, this plane blankets the material plane and is said to be where the intangible exists. The Dream Realm resides here.
The Beyond Presumably where the Founder, creator of the planes and gods, resides as well as where the spirits of the dead go.
Material Plane Where everything happens. This is where our world of Eudora exists


Western Lands

Alberidge A western country comprised of many fiefdoms that love progress and freedom. Many come seeking the opportunities in this country.
Glinannan A vast territory of elven kingdoms and fiefdoms allied under the Allied Elven Federation.
Jorkhazad The greatest range of halls of the dwarves in the rich mountains of Aefmarr.
Derkaz A shadowed land covered in mist, where rumors of horror run rampant.
Anoush A peninsula scorched by the Sea of Fire and home to hardy dessert folk.
Cyracus A small but bustling country that thrives off of the waters.

Eastern Lands

Huaxia A powerful city-state in the East that prizes talent and expertise above all else.
Jinghong The beauty of the inland water gardens of Jinghong are known as paradise on earth.
Adukeger A vast open plain where the nomadic horselords ride.
Gyoshin A small coastal country that absorbs much culture about it.

Central Lands

Jahan A large island in the middle of the Thoroughfare, it’s kingdoms are considered the centers of the (trading) world.