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“Franky”franky[To Character Splash]

Francesca Minuial Aranos

Chaotic Good][ Race/Class: HighElf/Bard
First appearance: [Bear antics]

Hailing from the capital of the Elven United Federation, Franky is probably more fighter than bard. But, hey, that’s what’s listed on her license.

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Chaotic Good-ish][ Race/Class: Human/Rogue
First appearance: [Reverse Pickpocketing]

Weston is pretty much your normal, poison, sneak rogue. He prefers to talk his way out of a situation than fight, but life never quite goes that way.


Aurielus Luce

Lawful Good][ Race/Class: Human/Paladin


Caelyn/Cairne Quinn

Chaotic Good/Lawful Evil][ Race/Class: Human/Cleric x2


Gebhard Barleyfist

Chaotic Good][ Race/Class: Dwarf/Monk


Dorothea Ellis

Neutral Neutral][ Race/Class: Human/Wizard