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A high elf bard runs away from home and ends up forming a party with other adventurers. The goal: to see the world and dabble in adventures! And save the world in various ways? Is that also a thing?

A fantasy adventure story following an intrepid party of adventurers who find themselves meddling in trouble all over the place with a tiny bit of tabletop rpg flair.


  1. Bear Antics
  2. The Road Less Traveled
  3. Splash: Franky
  4. Heading East
  5. First Impressions
  6. East by West
  7. The Local Situation
  8. New to Travelling
  9. Adventuring Gear
  10. Road Hazards Pt1
  11. Road Hazards Pt2
  12. Setting Out
  13. Is the Destination Worth the Journey…
  14. … Competent Bandits, Right.

Part 1: Meetings and Adventures

  1. Splash: Meetings and Adventures
  2. Reverse Pickpocketing
  3. The Pickpocket’s Fate
  4. Splash: Weston
  5. Bard, Meet Bard
  6. The Easiest Soln is…
  7. How to deal with a drunk
  8. At the End of the Night
  9. The awkward morning after
  10. Plan of action
  11. Something Strange…