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Last delay I swear

Even though I was confident I could finish the comic by this week … Currently I’m staring at a mound of boxes, wondering, “Exactly … which one of these contains my cintiq I wonder?” Seriously. Where is my tablet? Anyway, … Continue reading

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Another Delay

Delay delay delay … friggin story of my life right now lmao. Ok, well, because our house closing date keeps getting pushed around by ********************** (silent cussing) what should have happened last week is now happening THIS week, plus everything … Continue reading

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June 1 – Delay

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there will not be a comic this week. But there will be one next week. The unforeseen circumstances may affect 1 more update, but it won’t affect more than 1 more update. My apologies

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Starting Date

Updates will begin on the week of April 3 2016 Thank you all for your interest in the mean time~!

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