4 thoughts on “klinh comics: 4”

  1. I’ve been shipping Kousei with Tsurumi.

    I think your insert is trolling him.

    Thinking back, I’m also pretty certain one of his character elements is not understanding how people see him.

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  2. Personally, I’m wondering how long it’ll be before… let’s say Suyin’s the most likely, tells Kousei to go into one of the girl’s bedrooms. Either her own, or Tsurumi’s. And how Honoka reacts to that request.


  3. After admiring your artwork, yet again, I find it impressive how you manage to demonstrate the different fabrics of their clothes. While it’s not as obvious in the last panel, in the first panel it’s really easy (for me) to see. Makes me a little envious since I have less than zero drawing ability.


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