Last delay I swear

Even though I was confident I could finish the comic by this week … Currently I’m staring at a mound of boxes, wondering, “Exactly … which one of these contains my cintiq I wonder?”

Seriously. Where is my tablet?

Anyway, I am extremely confident that this will be the last week of delay. I probably should have just taken a month hiatus, but I think I underestimated the effort it takes to move 5 years of stuff. It kind of makes me want to go all Walden Pond. Where did I get all this stuff, and why do I need it?

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One Response to Last delay I swear

  1. Joseph (Champion of Ruin) says:

    So yeah, trick I learned last time I moved was write a big number on each box as you fill it, and have a note pad with what’s in each number handy. You’ll know where most everything is, and it’s hardly any extra effort


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