Classism – 024

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25 May 2016

I had hoped to get a second Gijinka! out this week, but lots of things happened. Haaa…. stress factor through the roof.

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6 Responses to Classism – 024

  1. calavente says:

    hahah… what happened to your shoes…

    re first image… I have some criticism…
    -the ear to the guy seems almost elfin…. a bit too wide ? or maybe I’m not really used to see people from that angle.
    -the breasts of Minuial … they seem huger and planted much higher on her thorax than in other images… but maybe that’s only me that imagined her with smaller breasts than that… (but in some earlier pictures she doesn’t look like she has size F-G breasts…) ; maybe a full C.. but not much more.

    sorry for the critics 😦


    • klinH says:

      her previous outfit is the slimming kind that hides how big they are, while this on clings more so they emphasize them, but she was always intended to be big. As for how high they are … well, at least one panel, I think the perspective was weird maybe.


      • calavente says:

        I’m speaking only of the first panel, where she has “no” outfit.. and only kinds of bras… it’s like her right breast (on our left) is bursting out or something (maybe even inflating???).

        on the later panels, when fully clothed, it’s different : more bustier than some older panels, but not too much… kind of like you said: different outfit give different perception of breast size :/

        I’ll stop there, I’m not really confortable with casually commenting breast sizes xD even for cartoon characters


      • klinH says:

        haha. Well… even though I designed her to be my fan-service character, somehow the only clothes she chooses are pretty modest, so I might have overdone it…
        All my characters end up fighting me in the end 0rz


      • calavente says:

        I just thought of something.

        will I spoil myself if I read “classism” in your former blog ?

        or is one coming after the other ?

        or is the new “classism” a re-drafted version of the old ?


      • klinH says:

        nope, no spoilers anymore. I hadn’t gotten very far at all previously


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