Classism – 021

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3 May 2016

Gijinka! is running a little behind due to various complications in my daily life, but it should come up shortly.

As for Classism, while doing the beginning of this arc, I have a greater appreciation for the “screw it, I don’t know you but we’re going on an adventure together” mishmash of a tavern scene in tabletop.

4 thoughts on “Classism – 021”

  1. I’ve also come to appreciate the stories that start out by throwing you in with the characters (or at least some of them) already knowing each other. Especially for tabletop – it’s a bit awkward when two players want their characters to connect so they can go off adventuring but they can’t think of any reasons why the characters in question would actually want to.

    P.S. I like the facial hair on those dwarves.

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    1. I find it easier to work with the gm before game so all of us can either already be part of a group or something, but this story is making me understand all the times we’ve just gone, “hey, I’m eavesdropping, so clearly I deserve to be in your party.”


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