Classism – 018

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13 April 2016

A character splash as we go …

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4 Responses to Classism – 018

  1. calavente says:


    I thought there would be more to go with the character sheet.

    (but it’s always nice to have something… anything…)


    • klinH says:

      ahaha, I had 6 cavities to get filled, so a second update did not get done in time … T-T


      • calavente says:

        I hope the dentist was nice…


      • klinH says:

        it was, and all the cavities are my own dang fault from not taking care of my teeth when I had braces, but it’s the anesthetic that just kill me. I’m not allergic to it, but it wipes me out for 2 days, and I had to go twice.


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