Classism – 015

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30 March 2015 (original post date)

Traveled- past tense of the verb to travel
Travelled – adjective referring to a place that is often traveled
Traveler – person who travels
Traveller – person who travels
And yet traveled and travelled are now used interchangeably, while traveler and traveller have always been so. @_@
So confused.
I do regret being headstrong in high school English class and completely blowing off the section about poetric metre because I thought it would have no use ever. Or maybe I regret choosing a bard as a main character. (Throws poetric metre on top of the “things-to-study-for-Classism” list.)

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
The scene depicted is Weston’s first sight of the Dwarven mountains, Aefmarr, about 11-ish months before the start of the story.

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