Classism – 007

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6 May 2015 (original post date)

… or rather, [scoping out] the local situation.

Man this comic was an annoying learning experience. I spent way too much time fiddling with textures, and it still doesn’t look right. And of course by the time I finished with the wood, I just didn’t care anymore and halfarsed the rest of the bgs. Definitely just gonna paint in the major details next time and just do a light texture overlay.

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story:
While I was looking up reference for fireplaces in cabins, I was amused to see that a suggested “related search” was adding on “brick” to “fireplace log cabin”. Now, I know it’s probably the difference between stone versus brick fireplaces, but part of me is still giggling at the idea of a wooden fireplace.

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