Classism – 002

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27 March 2015 (original post date)

Another reason I made the switch from a gag comic to a more story/character driven comic was because I wanted the underlying theme of seeing new places and new things that you’ve only just read about before. In this current era, due to the internet, I think that the thirst for discovery and adventure has been overridden by Google Search. Not that I’m knocking the usefulness of Google, it helps me quite a lot, but it shouldn’t replace the desire to see and do things first hand.

For funsies, though it has no bearing to story flow:
The Elvish (Sindarin) is transliterated as:

Lim sui rych brand, i duin daer rimma
I arya beleg o nin pain, i cuil-rant o firen erdh
A! i gened o Belegsir celefn,
I arya mirwa o men pain
tyr naeth pain gwanno

… though the grammar is probably atrocious haha.

2 thoughts on “Classism – 002”

  1. yup yup…; i thought that the blades looked a it too much like LotR elven blades…

    but with the quendi/sindarin letterings … all doubt is cleared.

    how long did you spend to make that poem in sindarin ?

    are you “fluent”… ? I have to say that I never got farther than grabbing a nice dictionnary-like file, and playing with the letters, but I couldn’t get at the point of remembering the letters.

    as a side note, my user-name is from Quendi. (or sindar ??? I can’t remember)



    1. well, it’s impossible to be “fluent” since there’s no complete dictionary, but I did it much like I translate Japanese to English. It took an hour or so?


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