Classism – 001

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23 March 2015 (Original Post)

A large amount of story rehashing took place in the past few months. Initially I had wanted to do Classism as a kind of tabletop rpg gag comic, and there will still be some traces of that (cause imma nerd), but now I’m approaching it more as a world that just has game mechanics built into it. (ie a campaign where players actually have some semblance of life-preservation skills and less metagaming lol)
I dunno if I’ve said it before, but even before I started iofm, I’ve always wanted to do a fantasy rpg style comic, so here goes, from the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Classism – 001”

  1. I’m not really understanding your comment about “iofm” or else, as it’s the first “comic” page from you that I’m reading.

    but nice art.

    the dry-smile is very similar to the one of Jun in wfb 😀 .. well it’s normal now that I think about it.
    same illustrator and all 😉

    on that subject ….


    [timidity]it’s been 8 days… any news on wfb update…. ? [/timidity]



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